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Prebena Pneumatic Stapler (606 maestri staples)

Prebena Pneumatic Stapler (606 maestri staples)

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Prebena Pneumatic Stapler

This air tool takes the same staples as the Spotnails Maestri 606 Electric Staple Gun

Only one available

Technical specification:
Weight: 1,25 kg (2.76 lb)
Operating pressure: approx. 4 - 7 bar (57-100 psi.)
Air consumption: approx. 0,7 l/staple (0.154 gal./staple)
Dimensions: LxWxH: 225 x 57,5 x 222 mm (8.85 x 2.26 x 8.74 in.)

Safety device, exhaust silencer, no recoil, bottom load magazine, adjustable exhaust.

Paneling, furniture manufacturing, sheet materials, cabinets, flooring, decorative moldings, etc.